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Check out this amazing case that adds infrared capabilities to your iPhone or Android smartphone.You can be very creative with using this , from checking your house insulation or finding your pet in the middle of the night or pretend you are the Predator and scare the hell out of your unsuspicious friends in the middle of the night.

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Wanna piss your  friend who just inherited a million dollars from his uncle in Nigeria(you should have answered that email!) ? Buy this watch that can basically do everything .A fully customized watch that will reflect your personality.With a number of modules and being hot swappable ,it looks good!

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To all the people who cannot afford a Tesla ,you can now buy a much cheaper alternative .The most exciting personal transportation system available out other  with a unique self balancing system and sonars ,its ready to take you anywhere you guide it to.

check it out$3,885

Lets face it , Facebook dominates our life lately .So we might as well embrace it . Pump up your party with  this fun and unique Facebook photo prop! This Facebook photo prop is sure to be a huge hit!

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For all the die hard fans of the VHS .You can now purchase your favorite VHS tape cover  right on a pillow so that you can have sweet dreams with Freddie Krueger , Jason and Ghostbusters. Just don 't  try to stuff it into a VHS player.

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Know whats coming behind you and don't end up a statistic of bike casualties.When paired with select Edge bike computers , these bike lights help to create safer riding conditions by adjusting the beam focus point according to a bike’s speed.

check it out$400

This is your chance to get your own personalized number just because you can . Create your own unique combinations and make your number memorable when you are giving your number to that cutie you met at the bar.

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Imagine if you wake up in the middle of the dessert (no questions asked on how you ended up there) and you desperately need to upload a selfie before you call for help .With this little gadget you can upload it immediately .

check it out$129

Tired and annoyed to have a house full of dirt and sand  ?These cool designer bike covers have you covered . No need to mess the house with your muddy bike wheels . Just use Velo sock ,your bike will look cool even when its parked...

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For all our lady subscribers , this one is for you . The Beauty Station is a complete makeup organizer with docking station for iPhone, iPad & most phones & tablets for all your 21 st century needs ...

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This XBOX 360 became a zombie and its looking for you.That’s right. Your love for the undead can now extend directly to your console! An excellent addition to those addicted to the undead wave  with this  next level customization.

check it out$499

Now this is a  cool way to type . Looking to start a conversation with the person sitting next to you at the plane? Pull this gadget out of your pocket , fire it up and watch the magic happen. Guaranteed to add brownie points to your cool factor.  

check it out$39.99

Even Google recognizes this gadget`s potential, awarding it as one of the top 15 inventions “that can change the world” . Make each morning marvelous from the moment you open your eyes, thanks to the power of smell.

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Place or stick this gadget on multiple items (like your keys, cars, luggage, remote control or purse) so you find them when they go missing When you begin searching for a lost item, your iPhone tracks the Bluetooth signal strength.

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Apple iPhone 6s rumors have surfaced. Vodafone email claims handset will launch on September 25th with the new handset expected to have force touch screen,users to 'deep press' to access more menus,vibration screen and upgraded camera.

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What a better way that opening your eyes and having a projected time and temperature right in front you.This gadget is the perfect accessory to those who want more than just a normal alarm clock and know  in 9 languages the word "snooze".

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Ever wondered what are they snacking on around the world? Well wonder no more with this amazing gift.Receive every month, goodies from around the world from countries like Brazil, Israel, Germany, China, Italy.

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Protect your  precious Macbook Air more than your own eyes with this cool genuine iCarbon skin.It truly is the best in the industry. Don't be fooled by the imitators, go with the Original iCarbons brand for top quality and 100% customer satisfaction!

check it out$49.95

Get the most out of your tablet! With this gadget ,you can turn your tablet into an entertainment center . Turn on a movie and enjoy a cinematic experience.Let your friends stream their favorite songs directly from their smartphones.

check it out$79.99

For all those that want an alternative to Apple watch choice.The Moto 360 is a modern timepiece powered by Android Wear. Comfortable, familiar, and crafted with the finest materials and works  with Android phones,all combined in one

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The watch that everybody was waiting for here ,the Apple iWatch. Features  Digital Crown Retina display with Force Touch Heart rate sensor, accelerometer, and gyroscope Ambient light sensor Speaker and other things i cannot pronounce.

check it out$349

The 8-Bit Flower Bouquet was made for those old school gamers of the 12th century, OK not that old but anyways.It reminds that our entire reality is only a highly detailed video game.

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Throw some punches with some electrically charged force .An impressive 950,000 volt power ,enough to paralyze most of the threads on this earth. This is one seriously dangerous  gadget so read all the disclaimers before getting it.

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Join the Jedi Knights on an epic journey to defeat the evil Empire. The saga begins with Anakin Skywalker's descent to the dark side as he transforms into Darth Vader. The story continues as Luke Skywalker leads the fight for freedom.Includes bonus

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You have an important meeting with clients and you want to make an impression?Walk into the room with this unicorn mask and you will be guaranteed that they will remember you for ever.Just don blame us if you lose the client.

check it out$30.58

When Samsung phones have nightmares ,they dream of this one.This smartphone made by BLU has all the goodies you need from a phone at a very low price.Unlocked to all networks ,Dual sim card ,a guaranteed winner!

check it out$142.17

This is your opportunity to shower with style.Introducing World's only color-changing LED shower combo and powered by running water ,this is one heck of a way to shower .Use it with the dynamic mood light and you have the ultimate ambiance.

check it out$49.99

Throw away GoPro ,time to take the ultimate selfies and record videos with this  Selfie Drone camera called Lilly.No control needed while you focus on things that matter with  great accuracy. Kardashians are no longer the selfie queens!

check it out$499

Use the Daisy Chain function to link infinite numbers of these candies to play at the same time and drive the neighbors crazy with the latest hits.For somebody who appreciates style and sound packed together in an amazing way.Paired with Bluetooth.

check it out$59.99

Dominate the Gaming world with this amazing gadget .Enhanced precision control with Share buttons and a revolutionary touch pad with build in speaker.Guaranteed satisfaction during those stressful gaming hours

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This technology gadget is one of the smartest things ever.This gadget converts any couch into a USB port. With its specially designed shape it fits between or under cushions and mattresses and makes your couch surfing so much better.

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Transform your home with beautiful dynamic light moods and control the ambience from your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch.Wake up with the built-in wake-up light scene.Supports more  than one Avea to coordinate their lighting

check it out$38.24

Not exactly a technology gadget but hey when you run into something that mentions Britney Spears in 2007 its definitely worth mentioning it here.Sip your coffee(or your vodka disguised as water)in this awesome mug and enjoy your day.

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Make your life easier and your photos so much better by investing to these super low price lenses.Portable and detachable, easy to install and remove.Supports iPhones and iPads ,Samsung phones and a number of other mobile phone brands.

check it out$7.99

For the die hard fans of Star Wars ,an out of this galaxy  sun shade protection from Plasticolor.The Force will keep your car cool .A small price to pay to display your connection with Han, Luke, Chewie, and Obi-Wan.

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Super cool protection wrapped in real Vodka bottle(well not really but you get the point) made of durable material.Easily access all your phone`s functions.Make you iPhone special and be the coolest iPhone owner on the table.

check it out$7.73

Ever dreamed of  piloting a  Quadcopter ?Now ,this is your chance to make your dreams come true with this cheap Nano Remote Controlled Quadcopter .With led lights to help you identify the front and the back of it ,its a lot of fun.

check it out$29.89

No need to break the bank with this one !Work with a stylish, affordable, Windows-based PC. Store content in the cloud for easy access from anywhere you have Internet.$25 Microsoft Gift Card included for purchasing games, movies, music and more.

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Holds your sandwich cookie while you dip it in milk or other liquid. The dipr cradles the cookie by the cream and prevents the cookie from crumbling when dunked.Product is food safe and meets FDA food contact standards.

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The ultimate bedroom alarm for all our snipers to be readers.This Target Practice Alarm Clock can be used to improve your shooting skills for when you join the army and or simply when your wake up and try to kill that clock

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