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Check out this amazing case that adds infrared capabilities to your iPhone or Android smartphone.You can be very creative with using this , from checking your house insulation or finding your pet in the middle of the night or pretend you are the Predator and scare the hell out of your unsuspicious friends in the middle of the night.

check it out$299

Wanna piss your  friend who just inherited a million dollars from his uncle in Nigeria(you should have answered that email!) ? Buy this watch that can basically do everything .A fully customized watch that will reflect your personality.With a number of modules and being hot swappable ,it looks good!

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To all the people who cannot afford a Tesla ,you can now buy a much cheaper alternative .The most exciting personal transportation system available out other  with a unique self balancing system and sonars ,its ready to take you anywhere you guide it to.

check it out$3,885

Lets face it , Facebook dominates our life lately .So we might as well embrace it . Pump up your party with  this fun and unique Facebook photo prop! This Facebook photo prop is sure to be a huge hit!

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Add to your your smartphone , the professional lenses it needs to take those awesome pictures.This lens by Olympus easily attaches to your phone and offers easy integration with Amazon Cloud and instant transfer via WIFI and Bluetooth .

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Imagine if you wake up in the middle of the dessert (no questions asked on how you ended up there) and you desperately need to upload a selfie before you call for help .With this little gadget you can upload it immediately .

check it out$129

Stand up and applause this gadget .This complete carbon fiber made with powerful 260 HP four stroke marine engine has enough power to make you drool while you are daydreaming behind your desk thinking of your next adventures.

check it out$28,000

Bionic Bird Droid is a bird like app controlled droid that flies like a bird (in this case a mechanical bird).It has an HD video camera embedded with live re transmission  ,an ideal gadget for those who want to spy on...

check it out$139

Now this is a  cool way to type . Looking to start a conversation with the person sitting next to you at the plane? Pull this gadget out of your pocket , fire it up and watch the magic happen. Guaranteed to add brownie points to your cool factor.  

check it out$39.99

Even Google recognizes this gadget`s potential, awarding it as one of the top 15 inventions “that can change the world” . Make each morning marvelous from the moment you open your eyes, thanks to the power of smell.

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Apple iPhone 6s rumors have surfaced. Vodafone email claims handset will launch on September 25th with the new handset expected to have force touch screen,users to 'deep press' to access more menus,vibration screen and upgraded camera.

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Laugh with amusement as, seemingly from nowhere, you are able to mess up someone's hair, ruffle their shirt or just plain blow them away.Take aim at your friends during a lively game of Air Tag, or simply try your luck at indoor target practice .  

check it out$24.99

What a better way that opening your eyes and having a projected time and temperature right in front you.This gadget is the perfect accessory to those who want more than just a normal alarm clock and know  in 9 languages the word "snooze".

check it out$28.99

Why walk like a normal human when you can use this awesome electric scooter.Easy to balance on(well its self balancing) and more than capable of outrunning your colleagues to your way out of the office.And remember last out out of the door treats.  

check it out$928.77

Own a pc  with the same cost as a Starbucks Latte (maybe 2) .This gadget is the World`s first 9 dollar computer ,small enough to fit in your hand and capable of all the basic functionalities like browsing  the WWW and checking your emails.    

check it out$9

Simply start writing with N2 on Ncoded paper and the handwritten notes will appear on your smart device. Recognizes what page or notebook it is on, and stores data into its internal memory. Notes taken will automatically transfer to your device.

check it out$169.00

Join the Jedi Knights on an epic journey to defeat the evil Empire. The saga begins with Anakin Skywalker's descent to the dark side as he transforms into Darth Vader. The story continues as Luke Skywalker leads the fight for freedom.Includes bonus

check it out$89.99

You have an important meeting with clients and you want to make an impression?Walk into the room with this unicorn mask and you will be guaranteed that they will remember you for ever.Just don blame us if you lose the client.

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Dominate the Gaming world with this amazing gadget .Enhanced precision control with Share buttons and a revolutionary touch pad with build in speaker.Guaranteed satisfaction during those stressful gaming hours

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Not exactly a technology gadget but hey when you run into something that mentions Britney Spears in 2007 its definitely worth mentioning it here.Sip your coffee(or your vodka disguised as water)in this awesome mug and enjoy your day.

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Be the Top Dog at the club and shower the strippers (or the bouncer) with your hard earned cash.Watch those dollars hem fly all over the place by pulling the trigger and make this night so memorable.Just don't start crying next morning

check it out$64.99

For the die hard fans of Star Wars ,an out of this galaxy  sun shade protection from Plasticolor.The Force will keep your car cool .A small price to pay to display your connection with Han, Luke, Chewie, and Obi-Wan.

check it out$10.00

Ever dreamed of  piloting a  Quadcopter ?Now ,this is your chance to make your dreams come true with this cheap Nano Remote Controlled Quadcopter .With led lights to help you identify the front and the back of it ,its a lot of fun.

check it out$29.89

The ultimate bedroom alarm for all our snipers to be readers.This Target Practice Alarm Clock can be used to improve your shooting skills for when you join the army and or simply when your wake up and try to kill that clock

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