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We are presenting you the  ultimate party cooler. The world’s first premium cooler with integrated speakers and wireless music control is designed to wow the crowd with its incredible sound and impressive cold storage capacity .

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Add to your your smartphone , the professional lenses it needs to take those awesome pictures.This lens by Olympus easily attaches to your phone and offers easy integration with Amazon Cloud and instant transfer via WIFI and Bluetooth .

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Know whats coming behind you and don't end up a statistic of bike casualties.When paired with select Edge bike computers , these bike lights help to create safer riding conditions by adjusting the beam focus point according to a bike’s speed.

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Imagine if you wake up in the middle of the dessert (no questions asked on how you ended up there) and you desperately need to upload a selfie before you call for help .With this little gadget you can upload it immediately .

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Bionic Bird Droid is a bird like app controlled droid that flies like a bird (in this case a mechanical bird).It has an HD video camera embedded with live re transmission  ,an ideal gadget for those who want to spy on...

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Now this is your chance to feel how professional drivers fees with this home Racing Simulator . The highly sophisticated modern software offers all the experience in a breathtaking, hair-raisingly realistic way...

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This XBOX 360 became a zombie and its looking for you.That’s right. Your love for the undead can now extend directly to your console! An excellent addition to those addicted to the undead wave  with this  next level customization.

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Print what you use. Print what you wear. Print for your home. Print for those you love. Print for your life. Love what you make. Liven things up with more than 20 colors and dual-color jetted mashables. Enjoy the freedom of mobile printing.

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Now this is a  cool way to type . Looking to start a conversation with the person sitting next to you at the plane? Pull this gadget out of your pocket , fire it up and watch the magic happen. Guaranteed to add brownie points to your cool factor.  

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Even Google recognizes this gadget`s potential, awarding it as one of the top 15 inventions “that can change the world” . Make each morning marvelous from the moment you open your eyes, thanks to the power of smell.

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A real masterpiece and a cool conversation starter.This actual hard drive clock is painted metallic gold .The clock's base used to be a hard drive's protective cover.A truly unique gift for a geek!

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Replace that fragile Apple charging cable with this one.Now at an incredible price the Zerolemon Apple Mfi Certified ,approved for iPhone 5, 5S, 5C / iPad 4th Gen / iPad Air / iPad Mini, Retina / iPod Touch 5th Gen / iPod Nano 7th Gen .2 Years Warranty .

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Place or stick this gadget on multiple items (like your keys, cars, luggage, remote control or purse) so you find them when they go missing When you begin searching for a lost item, your iPhone tracks the Bluetooth signal strength.

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Apple iPhone 6s rumors have surfaced. Vodafone email claims handset will launch on September 25th with the new handset expected to have force touch screen,users to 'deep press' to access more menus,vibration screen and upgraded camera.

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Laugh with amusement as, seemingly from nowhere, you are able to mess up someone's hair, ruffle their shirt or just plain blow them away.Take aim at your friends during a lively game of Air Tag, or simply try your luck at indoor target practice .  

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What a better way that opening your eyes and having a projected time and temperature right in front you.This gadget is the perfect accessory to those who want more than just a normal alarm clock and know  in 9 languages the word "snooze".

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When you’re always on the go and usually charge your phone or tablet with a laptop or PC in the office or an USB port in the car, have you noticed that charging this way takes a really long time? Well the answer to your prayers is this gadget

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Ever wondered what are they snacking on around the world? Well wonder no more with this amazing gift.Receive every month, goodies from around the world from countries like Brazil, Israel, Germany, China, Italy.

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Why walk like a normal human when you can use this awesome electric scooter.Easy to balance on(well its self balancing) and more than capable of outrunning your colleagues to your way out of the office.And remember last out out of the door treats.  

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Protect your  precious Macbook Air more than your own eyes with this cool genuine iCarbon skin.It truly is the best in the industry. Don't be fooled by the imitators, go with the Original iCarbons brand for top quality and 100% customer satisfaction!

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This ultra-low-profile, high-performance drive fits snugly into your host devices and safely stays there-nothing to stick out or break off. Leave it in place as a stays-put storage boost of up to 64GB.  Up to ten times faster than a standard USB 2.0 drive1.

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The ultimate gift to your house that will be the focus of your exquisite exclusive party by Kauza.With Touch sensor which allows to turn it on and off, sound sensor and motion sensor for a number of different functions that will definitely excite you.  

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The No-show extension pole is the first of its kind, allowing the user to capture more of the action and less of the pole being used to shoot it. The included 6 inch tip extender allows the camera to sit higher above the pole

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Remember the ending titles of Hangover where you watch  the slideshow of what happened?Well ,if they would have lost their smartphone,they could not prove a thing. That's why you need this amazing instant smartphone printer to print instantly

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Get the most out of your tablet! With this gadget ,you can turn your tablet into an entertainment center . Turn on a movie and enjoy a cinematic experience.Let your friends stream their favorite songs directly from their smartphones.

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Tired of going to the toilet and watching with a boring face the water while you do your job?All these belong to the past thanks to this gadget.Its capable of transforming the way people view toilets, especially in the dark.

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A complete home security system in a single device.This gadget brings the best functionalities of home security together in a single device. Will notify you when someone it does not recognize enters your home, like your mother in law.

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A magnetic mounting system for smartphones. Just hover your device near the magnetic surface and it instantly locks securely in place. Its design uses high-powered magnets to secure your device at any angle where you use them most.

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For all those that want an alternative to Apple watch choice.The Moto 360 is a modern timepiece powered by Android Wear. Comfortable, familiar, and crafted with the finest materials and works  with Android phones,all combined in one

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The watch that everybody was waiting for here ,the Apple iWatch. Features  Digital Crown Retina display with Force Touch Heart rate sensor, accelerometer, and gyroscope Ambient light sensor Speaker and other things i cannot pronounce.

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Its the  3D printer you’ve been waiting for. Simple, accessible, and dependable, for a super low price. As inventors, we use 3D printers all the time. Printers of this type don't have to be  be so expensive.And this printer is unibody ,so easily portable.

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Own a pc  with the same cost as a Starbucks Latte (maybe 2) .This gadget is the World`s first 9 dollar computer ,small enough to fit in your hand and capable of all the basic functionalities like browsing  the WWW and checking your emails.    

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For the nostalgic of the 80s ,this is an  accessory you will definitely be proud about.Time to relive the best decade of the century with this one .And for the younger ones ,time to get some coolness from the 80`s before the slim phones

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For all our biking lovers ,this is something to safeguard your bike from stealing.Features Tamper Alerts, Auto-Unlock, Built-in Siren, Keyless Access.It has a 100 dB siren and sophisticated triple-axis accelerometer for reducing false alarms.

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With an impressive  capacity , this stylish battery holds 1 full charge for most smartphones and phablets. Power your digital life to the max: get the edge and enjoy another 8 hours of talk time for your important calls and important deadline

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Lost your friends? Divorced your wife? No worries ,21st century created the ideal company for you. With this robot you can now have your own best buddy to keep you company.It can walk, play the piano and even drive the kids home from school

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Simply start writing with N2 on Ncoded paper and the handwritten notes will appear on your smart device. Recognizes what page or notebook it is on, and stores data into its internal memory. Notes taken will automatically transfer to your device.

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The 8-Bit Flower Bouquet was made for those old school gamers of the 12th century, OK not that old but anyways.It reminds that our entire reality is only a highly detailed video game.

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Be the talk of the town and cook a meal in less than 10 minutes, using no fuel  and .This gadget will passively work its magic whenever the sun is shining. Hot meals can be prepared with a little patience even on the coldest winter day.

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Want to add a cool effect to your boring desktop PC at work??Buy this mouse that comes with its own Tarantula spider ready to make unsuspicious victims soil their pants .Glows in the dark and ready to bite people.

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Exactly what humanity was missing from its daily routine .One huge ugly nose attached to the wall that disposes shower gel.This will definitely make your bathroom trip a memorable one for the wrong reasons.Surprise your guests with this one.

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Make your party favor an unforgettable one by giving away these hypodermic needle syringe pens with a colored liquid.Relax and enjoy the jokes and funny situations that this one will create.Comes in different colors.

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Throw some punches with some electrically charged force .An impressive 950,000 volt power ,enough to paralyze most of the threads on this earth. This is one seriously dangerous  gadget so read all the disclaimers before getting it.

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Join the Jedi Knights on an epic journey to defeat the evil Empire. The saga begins with Anakin Skywalker's descent to the dark side as he transforms into Darth Vader. The story continues as Luke Skywalker leads the fight for freedom.Includes bonus

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You have an important meeting with clients and you want to make an impression?Walk into the room with this unicorn mask and you will be guaranteed that they will remember you for ever.Just don blame us if you lose the client.

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When Samsung phones have nightmares ,they dream of this one.This smartphone made by BLU has all the goodies you need from a phone at a very low price.Unlocked to all networks ,Dual sim card ,a guaranteed winner!

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This is your opportunity to shower with style.Introducing World's only color-changing LED shower combo and powered by running water ,this is one heck of a way to shower .Use it with the dynamic mood light and you have the ultimate ambiance.

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Throw away GoPro ,time to take the ultimate selfies and record videos with this  Selfie Drone camera called Lilly.No control needed while you focus on things that matter with  great accuracy. Kardashians are no longer the selfie queens!

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The first screen protector that actively adds functions to your iPhone.It adds the "invisible button" portion of the screen protector, allowing you trick your iPhone into thinking you're tapping the corner of the screen.

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Use the Daisy Chain function to link infinite numbers of these candies to play at the same time and drive the neighbors crazy with the latest hits.For somebody who appreciates style and sound packed together in an amazing way.Paired with Bluetooth.

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One  hell of a light source.Don´t let the size of this flashlight fool you. Considered to be an incapacitating weapon assault in many jurisdictions, it justifies the use of deadly force against you or your cat

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Those stressful moments where you hopelessly looking for those keys   and trying to remember those key pass codes are now a thing of the past.Time to enter the 21st century!Protect those valuables with this state of the art Bluetooth Padlock.

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Be the Gangsta of your group but in a geeky way.Show that you don't mess around with your case.Guaranteed to pull attention (just be careful with the police ). Please do not try to rob a bank or take any hostages,most probably it won`t help you.

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Dominate the Gaming world with this amazing gadget .Enhanced precision control with Share buttons and a revolutionary touch pad with build in speaker.Guaranteed satisfaction during those stressful gaming hours

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This technology gadget is one of the smartest things ever.This gadget converts any couch into a USB port. With its specially designed shape it fits between or under cushions and mattresses and makes your couch surfing so much better.

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Transform your home with beautiful dynamic light moods and control the ambience from your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch.Wake up with the built-in wake-up light scene.Supports more  than one Avea to coordinate their lighting

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Not exactly a technology gadget but hey when you run into something that mentions Britney Spears in 2007 its definitely worth mentioning it here.Sip your coffee(or your vodka disguised as water)in this awesome mug and enjoy your day.

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This is exactly what was missing from your fish's life , a soccer training kit.Train your  fish to be the next Ronaldo or Messi and you can retire rich in a tropical island by becoming its manager and smoking cohibas all day

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Make your life easier and your photos so much better by investing to these super low price lenses.Portable and detachable, easy to install and remove.Supports iPhones and iPads ,Samsung phones and a number of other mobile phone brands.

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Be the Top Dog at the club and shower the strippers (or the bouncer) with your hard earned cash.Watch those dollars hem fly all over the place by pulling the trigger and make this night so memorable.Just don't start crying next morning

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Buy for your iPhone 5/5C/5S   this  specially designed shock-damping layer screen protector from cracks and scratches and win the battle against them .With Scratch Proof and Anti Fingerprint , all packaged in a thin layer.

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For the die hard fans of Star Wars ,an out of this galaxy  sun shade protection from Plasticolor.The Force will keep your car cool .A small price to pay to display your connection with Han, Luke, Chewie, and Obi-Wan.

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A dream come true for every 80`s kid.Travel back in time in the amazing 1980`s with this machine.Join Pacman ,Donkey Kong and other characters in a trip back to time.Great for home entertainment, also good for bars, cafes, and many other places.

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Have all your emergency needs covered with this Survival Kit..Functional everyday use bug out bag features quick access to items.The supplies will help you stay a step ahead for a disaster or emergency at home ,school or any other emergency .

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Super cool protection wrapped in real Vodka bottle(well not really but you get the point) made of durable material.Easily access all your phone`s functions.Make you iPhone special and be the coolest iPhone owner on the table.

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Are we there yet? and more importantly, when do we eat? keep the kids from driving you crazy - let 'em play with drive thru, a set of 48 place mats depicting four different wild and crazy road trips.

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What do you get for someone who has everything? What about the Gift of Nothing! That's right, nadda, zilch, zip, zero, diddly squat could be winging it's way to you in the post right now.Nothing is a gift to be treasured.

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Ever dreamed of  piloting a  Quadcopter ?Now ,this is your chance to make your dreams come true with this cheap Nano Remote Controlled Quadcopter .With led lights to help you identify the front and the back of it ,its a lot of fun.

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95% effective at keeping monsters away all night long. Kids will beg you to turn off the lights because that's when Glo really shines.The don't get warm and they won't break. You can even tuck them into bed with your child.

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No need to break the bank with this one !Work with a stylish, affordable, Windows-based PC. Store content in the cloud for easy access from anywhere you have Internet.$25 Microsoft Gift Card included for purchasing games, movies, music and more.

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Fancy yourself as bit of a photographer? Boldly display your photo fanaticism by using this quirky mug. It looks and feels exactly like a real camera lens and will soon become an essential part of your photographer's kit bag.

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Holds your sandwich cookie while you dip it in milk or other liquid. The dipr cradles the cookie by the cream and prevents the cookie from crumbling when dunked.Product is food safe and meets FDA food contact standards.

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The ultimate bedroom alarm for all our snipers to be readers.This Target Practice Alarm Clock can be used to improve your shooting skills for when you join the army and or simply when your wake up and try to kill that clock

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No bachelor pad would be complete without an over the top item like an aquarium coffee table. Both stylish and functional, this coffee table aquarium comes complete with decorative aquarium plants, lighting, filtration pumps.

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