Check out this amazing case that adds infrared capabilities to your iPhone or Android smartphone.You can be very creative with using this , from checking your house insulation or finding your pet in the middle of the night or pretend you are the Predator and scare the hell out of your unsuspicious friends in the middle of the night.

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Wanna piss your  friend who just inherited a million dollars from his uncle in Nigeria(you should have answered that email!) ? Buy this watch that can basically do everything .A fully customized watch that will reflect your personality.With a number of modules and being hot swappable ,it looks good!

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To all the people who cannot afford a Tesla ,you can now buy a much cheaper alternative .The most exciting personal transportation system available out other  with a unique self balancing system and sonars ,its ready to take you anywhere you guide it to.

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When Google decides to make a router , you know they are planning something bigger towards conquering the world. A smart router that can prioritize a favorite device to send more bandwidth and can switch channels for maximum efficiency .

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We are presenting you the  ultimate party cooler. The world’s first premium cooler with integrated speakers and wireless music control is designed to wow the crowd with its incredible sound and impressive cold storage capacity .

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Lets face it , Facebook dominates our life lately .So we might as well embrace it . Pump up your party with  this fun and unique Facebook photo prop! This Facebook photo prop is sure to be a huge hit!

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Add to your your smartphone , the professional lenses it needs to take those awesome pictures.This lens by Olympus easily attaches to your phone and offers easy integration with Amazon Cloud and instant transfer via WIFI and Bluetooth .

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For all the die hard fans of the VHS .You can now purchase your favorite VHS tape cover  right on a pillow so that you can have sweet dreams with Freddie Krueger , Jason and Ghostbusters. Just don 't  try to stuff it into a VHS player.

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Know whats coming behind you and don't end up a statistic of bike casualties.When paired with select Edge bike computers , these bike lights help to create safer riding conditions by adjusting the beam focus point according to a bike’s speed.

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Add some light to that outdoor space .The thin profile of this device means you can mount it in a convenient location and it won't get in your way.A built-in photocell activates the motion sensor only after the sun has set or when the lights are out.

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This is your chance to get your own personalized number just because you can . Create your own unique combinations and make your number memorable when you are giving your number to that cutie you met at the bar.

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